(0 12 0 36 6 3) deltahedron
Rods 165 × Geomag rod icon
Spheres 57 × Geomag ball icon
Author Amafirlian 23:41, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

"Twisted triangle"-shaped (0,12,0,36,6,3)-deltahedron consisting of 3 twisted square-like modules (in yellow) connected by a web of triangles. The modules consist of a sphere with valency 8 surrounded by 2 spheres with valency 7 and 6 spheres with valency 6.

It is completely rigid, and highly reminiscent of Alain Lobel's frames.

I want to dedicate this deltahedron to Rafael Millán, who sadly passed away on 27/02/2008.

Building Instructions Edit

  • Start by building the yellow module.
  • Connect three modules with rows of triangles.

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