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If we only had a forum like the old days, I'd set this up as a "modular exercise".

You need 280 rods, and 14 square panels for this challenge:

A fast way to build then is to make two pairs of two linked triangles, and set one on the table. Then take eight rods all joined together and "stitch" them onto the edges of the diamond on the desk. Then drop the other diamond onto the waiting structure.

  • Build a few square-based pyramids.

Link several of the square based pypamids together by their square bases, turn the chain on its side, and push them into an arc.

Now, use the Siamese Dodecahedra as spacers to build a ring.

when you find it, jump with delight, because its only out by half a degree.

I'll post pictures in a few days - and do a proper writeup (although I'm horribly backlogged)

--Karl Horton 20:02, 16 July 2007 (UTC)

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ok, here's a link to the answer over on Flickr: it's my plan to keep using flickr to hold all the gory details of variious models, but to upload selected pictures here over on wikia. flickr set

Rafael Millán has constructed the ring with some variations here: snub disphenoid

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