Amafirlian Cuboctahedron
Alt cuboctahedron
TypeAmafirlian Alternative
Rods 24 × Geomag rod icon
Spheres 12 × Geomag ball icon
Author Amafirlian 22 February 2007

Amafirlian alternative for a cuboctahedron. It contains 6 Amafirlian squares.

Building Instructions Edit

  1. It is best to build the 6 Amafirlian squares first.
  2. Connect 3 of them around a triangle on a flat surface.
    • Make sure to have opposite polarities when connecting them.
    • Make sure the orientation of the Amafirlian squares is the same throughout.
  3. Gently fold 2 of them up and connect them with another square, again around a triangle.
    • You will have to keep this in one hand while doing the next step.
  4. Connect another square to the one you are holding and one it is connected to bellow.
  5. Fold up the remaining square at the bottom and connect to the square from the previous step.
  6. Insert the remaining square into the model, completing it.

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