Dynamic Geomag Gears
Dynamic geomag gears
Rods 741 × Geomag rod icon
Spheres 234 × Geomag ball icon
Author aldoaldoz

Six Geomag gears. In a perfect world they would turn forever...

Building Instructions

  1. Build 6 gears (6 × (30 + 15) rods, 6 × (12 + 5) spheres).
    • The gears are the most critical items. The tooth spheres (see label 2 in figure below) must be North (N). The intermediate spheres ( see label 1 in figure below) most be a weak North as well, otherwise the interaction between two near gears is even more problematic.
    • The rods without N or S indications are only the two horizontal closed loops of 5 rods, which are all attached north against south.
      Dyn Gears GearPoles

      Polarity of the rods in the gears

  2. Build the bottom layer (54 rods, 19 spheres).
    • The external corner spheres must be North to attract the bottom sphere of the gears, which is South.
      Dyn Gears Bottom
  3. Build the star-shaped top part (417 rods, 113 spheres).
    • The six spheres that will hold the gears must be north.
    • The spheres of the central column (that are the same height as the gears) must be perfectly neutral: this is the reason why this column is hollow (no six-rods star with a central sphere). As a result the column is a little bit weaker, but it also doesn't attract any of the gear teeth.
      Dyn Gears Head UpsideDown Complete
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