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Just wondered if anyone knows what's going on with GeoMag these days? Getting hold of their products seems to be harder and harder, the range seems to be narrower and narrower, and High Street stockists (in the UK at least) are dropping like flies.

The GeoMagStore in the UK now only offers GeoMag Colour, and none of the nice presentation packs (which although very expensive, offered the best value when worked out to "price per unit"). I found a good deal on Just Panels 90 from a Dutch Store, but the price was SO low I suspect it may be clearance stock.

I do hope this excellent product isn't set to disappear?

I share your hope, I'd hate to see Geomag disappear.

As an insider, I know what's going on but cannot share. But I can point you to which is quite new and will give you an idea of what's going to happen.

My compliments for the excellent model you have put on YouTube! Very very well thought out and executed! I suggest you share it on Flickr. At the moment this Wiki and the Flickr Geomag group are the places where the biggest fans keep in touch (even though activity is low at the moment). I think your model could inspire others to get some new ideas.

Regards, --Peter Jepsen 08:49, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

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