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<!-- ''This page is all about the {{SITENAME}}.'' -->
''This page is all about the {{SITENAME}}.''
[[Image:2007-03-25_IMG0047-3x3.PNG|Dodecahedron 840 Rods]]
''Click "edit" <!-- not every "skin" has that link "above" -->to start this page and to tell people what this wiki is all about. You may copy the introduction from its linking page on the Central Wikia as a first version.''
The Wiki is about building an encyclopedia of Geomag models,
with pictures and instructions for how to build, and counts of the
parts required so that people can easily choose models to fit the size of their Geomag collection.
If you've not used Geomag bars and balls before be warned this can
be an addictive pasttime, and almost everyone says "you never can have enough rods".
If you have got any models to share, just start creating pages
with your creations: lets worry about organising them and getting a standard look to the pages once we've got a hundred or so ....
So for the moment - free for all - no guidelines: I suspect a natural
structure will emerge.
Here are the initial comments from the community (we won't need this information soon) these people all came from the Geomag forums
hosted by the manufacturer:
== Comments from the community ==
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{{support}} [[User:Peter Jepsen|Peter Jepsen]] 16:55, 20 April 2007 (UTC)
This just to reassure Karl of my support for the project.
{{support}}--[[User:Kirk|Kirk]] 18:59, 20 April 2007 (UTC) (KH: this is important - I think Kirk is a wikia staffer who checks to see whether proposals have validity).
{{support}}--[[User:RaM|Rafael Millán]] I also support this project.
{{support}}--[[User:Rveas|Rodrigo Veas]]This is good project, I support.
{{support}}--[[User:Amafirlian|Amafirlian]]This is an interesting project I want to support.
{{support}}--[[User:cate1976]] I support this project. Sounds cool.
{{support}}--[[User:musikart001]] I also support this project.
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