Finally, I think there may be the glimmerings of hope for a workflow that's not too onerous for contributing to the wiki.

It goes something like this:

Build your model Edit

count it up and photograph it

Upload pictures to flickr Edit

Use whatever scheme you like for organizing yoyr own pictures - Sets, Collections or tags, however you must use some meaning ful tags to be able to find the picture again from wikia

Take a break Edit

In particular, you can leave your house and go to a cafe (or the office), you have no further need of the Geomag or your camera.

Tag your pictures with the Creative Commons licence Edit

You need to do this so that wikia will pick them up

Upload your pictures to wikia Edit

This is the new step that wikia have just introduced: using the tags you assigned you can find your pctures and upload them to wikia - they are created with the name the same as the flickr title you chose, and all the housekeeping is done for you.

Create a new wikia page Edit

Use the model template Edit

for the main part of the article

Use the image gallery Edit

for alternative views

Leave the article open Edit

for others to add different build versions

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