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Starting this wiki

20-Apr-07: at this early stage we are in free for all mode: that means let's just get people contributing: so if you have a model you've built, with pictures, then figure out editing and go.

Forum:Index to discuss stuff.

Other active Geomag groups

  • 26-Apr-07: NEWS - the geomag forums are now completely inaccessible: this is definitely a conscious decision from the forum owner. Geomagforum
  • 01-Jan-07: flickr There's a group of people uploading pictures of their creations to flickr

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Enter the name of your creation below, and edit the article. To upload pictures of your creations press the "upload" arrow at the end of the row of icons above the edit box.

Where to start

Table of Contents

13-gon Circle14-gon Circle: the Siamese Ring14-gon circle of Hebesphenomegacorona
26gon circle30-gon Circle of Prisms32-gon Circle
38-gon circleAlternative Tetrahedron ModuleAlternative Truncated Octahedron using Alternative Tetrahedron Modules
Amafirlian CubeAmafirlian CuboctahedronAmafirlian Elongated Square Gyrobicupola
Amafirlian Rhombic DodecahedronAmafirlian RhombicuboctahedronAmafirlian Snub Cuboctahedron
Amafirlian SquareAmafirlian Truncated OctahedronAnnular Dodecahedron
Archimedean SolidsAugmented Truncated DodecahedronBalanced polarity
Bi Elongated Rhombic TriacontahedronBig suspended circle!Bilunabirotunda
Closing cupola over 26-gonClosing cupola over 34-gonCompass
Conservation of Angular MomentumCreased Platonic DeltahedraCross Triangle Module
CuboctahedronCurved Triangle Using 30-gon Circle Arcs
Deltahedron DogDiamondDish - Tower
Dodecahedron composed of 5 wobbly cubesDog
Drilled truncated icosidodecahedronDuckDynamic Geomag Gears
Easy circleEiffel TowerElongated Rhombic Triacontahedron
Enneagonal PolyhedronExpanded Snub CubeExtended Elongated Hexagonal Antiprism
External Image: Truncated DodecahedronFive Intersecting TetrahedraFootball Stadium
Four Intersecting TrianglesGeneral DeltahedronGeomag Arches
Geomag BridgesGeomag Structures and Projects SiteGeomag Weights and Measures
Greatest "egg"GyrobifastigiumHanging Tower
Hanging Tower 2HelicopterHeptagonal Ring
How to ContributeIcosidodecahedronInside the rhombitruncated icosidodecahedron
Intersecting BeamsIntersecting PolyhedraInverted Pendulum
Johnson SolidsKepler-Poinsot solidsLobel Frames
Lunar-holed Rhombicosidodecahedron E5/6J91(P4)Magic RockerMain Page
ManMeta-dodecahedronModular Cuboctahedron
Modular Helix StackModular TetrahedronNear miss egg shape
Nested dualsNonagonal RingOctahedron in a Cube
Penrose C4 CartwheelPentagonal DeltahedronPentagonal Torus
Platonic solidsPrism-Expanded Dissected Cuboctahedron
Pseudo TetrakaidecahedronPseudogeodesic dome scale 4Pseudosphere From Geomag Box
Pyramid of spheresReinforced DodecahedronRhombic Triacontahedron (Internally supported)
RhombicosidodecahedronRhombicosidodecahedron (with panels)
Six Intersecting PentagonsSkull shapeSnub Disphenoid
Snub Expanded (0,0,12,10)-deltahedronSnub Expanded (0,0,12,17)-deltahedronSnub Expanded Pentagonal Prism
Snub Expanded Snub DisphenoidSnub Expanded Tetrated DodecahedronSnub Expanded Triangular Prism
Snub Expanded Truncated IcosahedronSnub Expanded Truncated Icosahedron DomeSnub cube
Snub dodecahedronSpiral DeltahedronSpiral spheres
Stellar Holiday SculptureStellated 14-rodsStellated Rhombic Triacontahedron
Stewart's 6J91(P4)Suspended Circle
Table of ContentsTetrahedron in an IcosahedronTetrated Dodecahedron
The 14 PuzzleThe panel-less monsterTori
TowersTriple hexagonal baseTriple spiral with hexagonal base
Truncated Cuboctahedron of CubesTruncated IcosahedronTruncated Icosahedron (internally supported)
Truncated OctahedronTruncated TetrahedronTruncated cube
Truncated cuboctahedronTruncated dodecahedronTruncated icosahedron
Truncated icosidodecahedronTruncated octahedronTruncated tetrahedron

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