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Geomag Wikia News

  • 22-May-07 - Fifty articles reached. Amafirlian and Karl have been tagging articles with categories. As the wiki grows these will become the main way of browsing the content. Please use them if you know how, if you don't then don't let that stop you contributing: the way of wiki is that someone will fix it for you.
  • 04-May-07 We have our first cold-caller! Welcome to Jeff Koslowsky, who found this wiki by googling and following a link from the main wikipedia article.
  • 30-Apr-07 - Amafirlian has been burning midnight oil, providing real content as well as infrastructure, with smaller contributions from Cate1976, GrahamB, Musikart001, Karl_Horton and Peter_Jepsen - thanks to all. Peter we'd love to see an 'animals' page or two.
  • 20-Apr-07 free for all mode: that means let's just get people contributing: so if you have a model you've built, with pictures, then figure out editing and go.

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