Skull shape
Skull shape 1.png
Type Sculpture
Panels 37 × Geomag triangle panel icon.gif
2 × Geomag square panel icon.gif
9 × Geomag pentagon panel icon.gif
Rods 85 × Geomag rod icon.gif
Spheres 37 × Geomag ball icon.gif
Author Peter Jepsen 6th March 2009

Another small sculpture that came out satisfactory.
Hollow but rigid.

Building Instructions[edit | edit source]

Easiest is to just look at the different views.

Variations[edit | edit source]

With small changes to the front, it can be shaped into a helmet for racing, motocross or American Football..

Other views[edit | edit source]

Alternate views
Skull shape 2.png
Front view
Skull shape 3.png
Side view
Skull shape 4.png
Bottom view
Skull shape 5.png
Back view

Variation views[edit | edit source]

Helmet alternative with DEKO
Skull shape variation 1 - 1.jpg
Side view
Skull shape variation 1 - 2.jpg
Front view

Graphic positioning work done by Mrs. Janina Sahli of the Geomag company.

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