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Stellated 14-rods
Stellated 14 rods.jpg
Type Reinforcement Structure
Rods 14+52 × Geomag rod icon.gif
Spheres 31 × Geomag ball icon.gif
Author Amafirlian 12:28, 18 August 2007 (UTC)

Alternative reinforcement structure for a sphere with valency 14. It uses the fact that the rods in both the sphere with valency 14 and rods in the stellated pyramids are as close together as possible. Since this is true for all rods, the whole structure is pretty much rigid.

Building Instructions[]

  • It is harder to build than you would think.
  • Basically just put 14 rods around a sphere, and start reinforcing it by adding pyramids (most of which have three rods).

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