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Suspended Circle
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Author Jeffkoslo 22:05, 3 May 2007 (UTC)

A fully suspended closed circle on two support legs. The loop is composed of 34 segments, alternating trianges with pyramids.

Building Instructions

  1. Create the bottom arc of 9 segments.
  2. Add the support legs downward from the ends of the arc.
  3. Continue adding segments upwards to complete the entire circle.
    • Keep the two sides balanced as you are building upwards.


Let alpha = arcsin(1/sqrt(3)) = 35.264 degrees, be the semi-apex angle of an equilateral square-based prism.

(A mnemonic for this is that the inclination of a face is 54.7 degrees, which is the complement, and is half the well-known "bond angle of methane" at 109 degrees 28 minutes, which I've always remembered for some reason).

Then each segment of the curve moves through 2*alpha - 60 degrees = 10.528 degrees

So, 34 segments move through 357 degrees, which is just 3 degrees short of a complete circle, and easily close enough for the structure to absornb the error.


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