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My small Geomag collection

Colour Type Number
Geomag rod icon120
Geomag rod icon120
Geomag rod icon122
Geomag rod icon48
Geomag pentagon panel icon36
Geomag pentagon panel icon12
Geomag rhombic panel icon70
Geomag rhombic panel icon16
Geomag square panel icon71
Geomag square panel icon16
Geomag triangle panel icon95
Geomag triangle panel icon26

My constructions Edit

I have a small gallery of Geomag creations on Flickr, and a more extensive one containing Geomag creations at Telenet Photo.

Here is my latest Flickr stuff:

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My Javascript Stuff Edit

Image Badge Edit

This displays a gallery of a random selection of images, ensuring no 2 images uploaded on the same day appear together (to ensure variety).

New Pages Edit

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